Η Αθήνα Ανεγείρεται (2012)

Like many cities in the world, Athens experienced a massive influx to its population during the 20th Century, especially from Greece’s rural areas. To deal with the demand for space the apartment block or ‘polikatoikia’ (literally, many residences) became an inseparable element of the modern city’s fabric. To this day, new blocks continue to rise throughout the city as it grows.

Many of these new buildings are a consequence of the ‘antiparochi’ system in which developers provide owners of detached houses new flats in buildings that are built on the footprint of their homes. Others are built to satisfy the always increasing demand for homes within reach of the urban centre.

As Athens rises, the views from these unfinished structures offer a last chance of seeing the city from a new vantage point.  The spaces themselves exist in a moment in which they contain no clues as to who will create their home within.   They are a blank slate on which someone’s lives will be imprinted, looking over a city that is forming a new identity around a past that is always present.