As a photographer working primarily with heritage subjects, Jeff has photographed for cultural foundations, private enterprise, governmental organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, excavations and individual researchers. In addition to his work as a photographer, Jeff is also involved in teaching photography, participating in cultural heritage management projects, organizing and curating photography exhibitions, exhibiting and publishing.

He has collaborated on various long-term projects with organizations such as the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, MONUMENTA - For the Protection of Greece's Architectural Heritage, Elliniki Eteria, Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Eleusis and the Initiative for Heritage Conservation in Eleusis.

In 2008, Jeff co-founded, with Ioanna Vasdeki, fotograficus (, an artist-run initiative dedicated to promoting photography in Greece through exhibitions and instruction. Fotograficus has brought the work of a number of high profile photographers to Greece including the renowned Czech photographer Jan Saudek and the Hungarian master-photographer André Kertész.

Jeff also goes on the road with his classes, developing traveling workshops and study tours focusing on Greece. He believes in educating through photography, learning while seeing, and his traveling workshops include professionally guided visits to Greece’s sites and monuments.