Morning Walk

Kabale is a town surrounded by several hills.  This short series records my morning walks across the town each morning, from one hill to the next to reach Kigezi High School.

Photography Trip

On my first visit to Kabale I organized a photography trip for students from Kigezi High School.  We were able to donate 10 compact digital cameras to the school which were used to photograph during the excursion.  Due to the size of the group, cameras were shared by three to four students.

Kabale Glimpses

This is a selection of images from the vast quantity of photographs taken while in Kabale.  A brief visual record of a place with great beauty and adversity in equal measure.

Kabale Schools

During my stays in Kabale I visited a wide range of schools with varying needs.  This series displays a selection of these.

Boda Rides

Boda is the term for a bicycle taxi, one of the most popular forms of taxi service in Kabale.  This short series consists of diptychs of boca rides.  Images on the left were taken from the back of a boda on a ride from the Kabale market back to the centre of town.  Images on the right are of boda riders going about their daily business.

The Kabale Home Project

In my final trip to Kabale, working with local artists, I organized a photography exhibition titled the Kabale Home Project.  The exhibition consisted of photographs taken by local artists and then decorated according to each artists' wishes.